Saturday, February 26, 2011


YEAH!!!!! boss approve de... BEIJING I'm coming~~~~~~ la~la~la~

so, i can continue prepare for my BEIJING trip... cloth,place to visit, food to eat, where to stay & where to shop... :D

The main reason i like to follow the business trip is because can save lots of money included the accommodation... that is the biggest amount money that we need to spent... for 20 days and 19 nights.

Company have ready the hotel for us.. just five minutes walking distance from hotel to his training place but very far from city area... but i will not complain since BEIJING very advance in their transportation, nearly every place have the bus or fast train station... and yet the fare are very cheap around RM1 @ 2 ...... beside that.. people have already help you save nearly 2.5k for the accommodation.. still want to complain??!!.. sure will not.. :D

Thursday, February 24, 2011

BeiJiNg~~ Im CoMiNg SoOn

*picture take from net

After receiving a news from bf that he might go BEIJING for two weeks training... u know what is my respond?!... "I WANT TOO!!!"... :D He has no choice.. he must bring me too.. :P ....

Directly i go search the ticket and all the necessary information to Beijing even without knowing that the trip will be success approve by his boss or not.. :D .. who cares.. :P

So, now I'm very excited with this trip.. I'm waiting for this chance to come nearly one year.. the last oversea business trip is on 2009... no matter what i must follow him.. cause i don't know when is his next business trip and yet his job is mainly in MALAYSIA... so, no much chance for him to have business travel outside MALAYSIA a lots.. :D

Since this is my fourth time to china, the first thing that I'm worry is the weather... we both have a very allergic nose.. so we will feel uncomfortable in the cold weather... so must prepare all the necessary this before go there.. i don't wanna this trip like my last VIETNAM trip.. really terrible.. can u just imagine that we all bring SUMMER cloth with short pants and singlet for the winter session in HANOI... for me that is a nightmare... :D

so BEIJING weather on MARCH 2011 is around 0~12!!! ><lll

must have thick cloth.. no.. is VERY VERY thick cloth for us who come from TROPICA country that not really get use live in cold weather... hope i can see snow scene ... oww.. i never touch snow before... :D