Thursday, July 16, 2009

MuSt EaT SiBu "kaM Pua" Mee

Original "Kam Pua" mee

"Kam Pua" mee with soy and chili sauce

My dear papa with his yummy "kam pua" mee at his favourite kopitiam

fIVE years stay in semenanjung... i cant find any dry mee "kam pua" there... i really miss the smell... the taste... and the simpleness... of the FU ZHOU people mee... During business trip to SIBU with my beloved papa... he bring me to one of his favorite kopitiam to take this dry mee as our breakfast... he told me that he found this shop can cook a very delicious kam pua mee after his previous favourite kopitiam close down (he still don't know what the reason cause the shop closing down)... here i want to share with you all how to make this simple and delicious "KAM PUA" mee all by your own......
1 tbsp Pork Lard
2 tbsp Dark Soy Sauce
a bit MSG
chili souse (optional)
1 Ball "kam pua" Noodle
some chopped Spring Onion
some fried Chopped Shallots
some sliced Char Sui

1_In a bowl, put in all the ingredient except Ball Noodle, chopped Spring Onion and Char Sui
2_Boil sufficient water in a pot to boil the noodle. Have a big container (bucket) filled with tap water (for dipping in the noodle later)
4_When water comes to a boil (high flame), drop in the noodle and cook for about a minute.
5_Scoop out the noodle and drop it into the bucket of water to wash away any flour residues
6_Return the noodle to the boiling water to warm it up for a few seconds.
7_take out and shake off excess water.
8_Put the noodle into the bowl of mixed sauce and toss well.
9_Transfer the tossed noodle onto a plate, top with char-siu, and garnish with spring onion
1_You can use any type of dry noodle that can be found in the supermarket if u dont have "kam pua" mee
2_You can replace the lard with the cooking oil or the fry onion oil for better taste
3_You can replace the car siu with any type of meat
4_You can add wet wan tan (bian nud) as optional
** All the tips given above are for those who cant get the original ingrediant and those wish to taste this type of cooking with HALAL....


wHen i first step out from the arrival hall.... the smell.... the very familiar fried chicken smell come into my nose straight go into my mind and change my mind from wanna taking light meal ... it make me feel super hungry... it doesn't make sense... i just take a very big bowl of noodle this morning and i didn't feel any hunger even when there is a food sale in the flight... i straight go follow the others into the long line to get my fried chicken order... i have ordered two fried chicken... yum yum... "feel finger licking gOOd".... after enjoy my two fried chicken with 8 small packed chili sauce.... i didn't feel any regret... cause it make me remember back my uni life... most of the uni student like to take KFC during special eg... dating (couple)... :D... before exam (feel tension)... after exam (feel release)... mood very good... mood very down... and also after break... hehe... i think so... :P ... i don't know why... I'm also one of them... i think that is because KFC is the~best~budget~delicious~meal for us during uni life time......

Monday, July 13, 2009

VeRy ChArMiNg GiRl

As u can see from the picture.... first thing come into my mind "wah this girl so CHARMING".... she has a very big eyes... the tall nose... the curly hair... and the face are innocent too... ha ha... actually this is one of my friend pic during childhood... the kid's mother told me that she bring this kid to the saloon and have a hair curl during every Chinese new year... OMG... small small already go saloon... so this kid with her pretty curly hair and pretty red dress taking the very memorial picture in her life... and this kid's mum like it very much... and say that she look pretty in the red dress... now my friend have grown up... i don't know what "HE" think about this memorial moment... but for me... that is cool... cause he can be so pretty when small and handsome when grown up... :P

Friday, July 3, 2009

StEvEn TeA GaRdEn

...already two weeks have a DATIN's life... one word... "BORING"... maybe because im a "poor" datin... if not sure i can shopping here and there and of course travel here and there too... so that is money problem... nevermind... poor datin also have their own style of living....for this poor datin.. im only can drive my small myvi and have my cup of teh tarik at Steven Tea Garden... its a mamak style cafe... so it can consider as a higher class mamak compare to others mamak... he he... i like the roti canai here... very crispy and of course less oily... very suitable for me that have gained 2kg after come back from china trip.... isk isk isk... so i need to take care my diet well... but so far datin has notting to do... still in my relaxing holiday... everyday wake up late 10 am... eat... sleep... msn non stop... blogging... pasar malam (almost everyday pasar malam wat to do.. poor datin ma...)... here i have create my own comic.... TITTLE: A meet with leng cai dato.... plese enjoy it... ~~ta~~da~~