Monday, March 21, 2011

BeiJinG~ GReAt WaLL

No windy & not very cool..... we are going to China Great Wall today.. following tour... 60RMB + 45 RMB(dont know extra charges for what)... after select and choosing a cheap but not cheapest tour service to great wall... we be inform that the driver will pick us at 5:30 am in the very early morning... since im a gurl that very like to delay the time.. so my alarm wake me up at 4am.. omg.. luckily i sleap early the night before... after i wake up and ready to take bath... we receive the driver call.. he change the time from 5:30 to 4:30 to pick us up... WHAT THE HEAL!!!????..... i only have 30 minutes to ready my self.. :S ... so i just do and grab what ever i need.. i even throw the bread that i have ready for my breakfast inside my bag.... thanks god that we manage gather at the hotel lobby by 4:30am and the driver drive us to the city centre and left us there with another group of people... during the journey to the city.. we over heard the driver's conversation with his friend that he didnt sleep from last night after happy hours... since the time is near to the pick up time he decided to pick us up early.. so that he can just go back home to sleep... > we started our tour around 6:45am by first joining the activity watching "RAISE THE FLAG" ... sound like boring right?!.. :D .. ..
this picture show that the flag are rising now....

and this picture show that touris line up like a WALL viewing the sinario...this means that every tour program have included this as one of their proram.... this activity are very meaningfull for China people to show they "LOVE THEIR Country".. they even need 20 soldier to raise up the flag... and we are lucky that we dont need to be one of them to stand in the cool weather and waiting for the flag to raise up.. our driver can manage to pass by there just in time to see the flag raise up... :D

okiey.. our main program is visit CHINA GREAT WALL... yup.. "HERE I COME" !!!!~~~ this is the 2nd of 7 wonders of the world that i have visit... :D

the great wall are so amazing... i enjoy my every step up the stair.. plus the weather just nice .. not too cold and not too windy.. wow... I LIKE IT !!!

of course must take a lots nice nice pictures using new len for our memorial moments... can see people try their best to climb up till the max.. :D

ow yea... i have touched the GREAT WALL ..... the local people even bring up the "UNTA" to do business... what business is that?.. yup.. tourist can take the pic with the "unta" with the great wall as background by paying $$$... :D

can see that they is not a really crowded people because the time still early and now is not a peak season yet...... :)
they even renovate the slop and slipery floor for our safety purpose...
yup.. im also the one ride up the "UNTA " and take picture with the GREAT WALL as the background... kekeke.. we manage to get a cheap price.. RMB10 = RM5 for two people taking pic using our OWN camera.. :D

due to too cheap deal.. they dont allowed us to take many pose and taking their time.. >

its time to going back and prosit to next program.. :P yup.. EXIT is here.. :D
taking pic with the information board...


the word on the stone "不到长城非好汉" means " not a good man if never been GREAT WALL"... :D

yup.. IM A GOOD MAN!!! 我是好汉!!!!!!!! wuahhahaha 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈!!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

BeIjInG~ BeFoRe Go FoR LoNg HoLiDaY

"Worry"... that is what in my mind now... worry about my career... worry about the workers... worry about my parent... worry about what people thinking.... worry this... worry that...

Before going for my Beijing trip... i need to make sure all the job can be carry on although I'm not around... make sure the workers can do the thing without me.. make sure mom can help me supervise them...

Worry cant make thing better... so i just try my best... to pass down all the task to the one who in charge... make sure that person understand what should do and should not... i cant control all the thing... I'm not GOD... i will try to make thing perfect but GOD will decide to give me or not... so just "TRY YOUR BEST"... so now.. just prepare a "HAPPY & RELAX" heart for travelling....

BEIJING!!!!! IM coming ~~~ la~la~la~

after last night pre-preparation for my laugage.. omg.. the super big luggage is OVER full... > will try minimize it... and bring back extra luggage full with my new stuffs from there :D

copy from website :P